Do you already have some knowledge of French but not enough to get around in a francophone environment?  You are not ready yet to follow a full course only for travelling or spend some time in a French-speaking country??  But you want to improve your French? 

Le Français à la offers tailor-made courses for those wishing to visit a francophone country.  The En Route courses at level A1+ and A2, and La Pause at level A1+ consist of 4 and 5 chapters and tackle all situations travellers encounter during their journey, including grammar topics at the course level.

En Route and La Pause are two e-learning courses with an access period of 12 weeks. They contain videos and digital assignments that you complete independently at your own pace. These courses are also available with an instructor, without the need to buy books. Contact us for more information.

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Assistant animator:  Diane Domingue

Online Course: Les vacances!

Soon available!