Do you already have some knowledge of French but not enough to get around in a francophone environment?  You are not ready yet to follow a full course only for travelling?  But you want to improve your French?  Le Français à la offers now courses for people who are travelling to a francophone country. 

The two short e-learning courses En Route, at level A1.2 and A2.1 are already available. The courses La Pause, also offered at level A1.2 and A2.1 will soon be online!  These courses of 4 lessons with an access period of 12 weeks, tackle all situations that a traveler can encounter during a journey.

You need to make a reservation? You cannot find something at the supermarket?  Do you have a problem with the car or to get around in the métro? All these topics together with the grammar are covered in these courses.  

En Route and La Pause are two e-learning courses, which means you watch videos, you read the material, and you do the exercises online, at your own pace. If desired or needed, you can also arrange to meet a teacher online.

Sign up now and stay tuned to not miss the opening of the following courses!  À bientôt!

Assistant animator:  Diane Domingue

Online Course: Les vacances!

Soon available!