Le Français à la Carte

My aim is always to bring the trainee to the desired level in an agreed time frame.

Le Français à la Carte

De oprichtster

Le Français à la Carte has come to live because as a former diplomat, I was always attracted to the international world.  When I moved to The Netherlands, I became French teacher and my courses were and still are mainly related to the international sector. I tailor my courses for any profession and travel enthusiasts at any level.

If you need to learn French at work or travel in Europe, Africa or America, or if you simply need coaching to prepare a speech or to revise reports, Le Français à la Carte is the solution.  If required, I team up with other colleagues that are French teachers like myself.

In order to facilitate the learning process, I developed a digital grammar with online exercises.  The final version will soon be available in Dutch and English under the name Grammaire de l’Académie du Français à la Carte. For more information, see L’Académie du Français à la Carte.

I was born and raised in Canada and worked as a diplomat for the Canadian government.  After my expat career when working and travelling around the world, I established in The Netherlands where I currently teach French as a foreign language.

I am in the possession of an MA French Literature, a Master of Graduate School of Teaching, a Certificate of French teaching as a Foreign/Second language and a Certificate of Business Communication.

I wish you an enjoyable and successful time with Le Français à la Carte!

Elisa Vena