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Privacy policy

This privacy policy is applicable on all services and products offered by Le Français à la Carte.  Our website address is:  – our number of Chamber of Commerce:  KvK 2810038. 

In accordance to the GDPR-specific commitments (General Data Protection Regulation) dated of 25th of May 2018, this privacy policy describes how Le Français à la Carte handles personal data; how it is being used and how/when it is being removed. 

Le Français à la Carte is a learning management system for training courses.  We collect and process only LMS personal data for that purpose, namely for our administration and to follow the progress of the participants in the learning environment.  We do not directly collect information on the website.  However, because our contact page does not feature an integrated form, written communication between a visitor and Le Français à la Carte is indirectly collected and processed since this communication takes place OUTSIDE the website.

A visit to Le Français à la Carte

Le Français à la Carte uses cookies.  A “cookie” is a text file that is being stored on the computer’s hard drive. Cookies are used by almost all websites and are not harmful to your system. For instance, Le Français à la Carte uses cookies to determine which page someone has visited.  During a cookie-session no personal data is being stored.  All information from a cookie-session is deleted when visitors leave the site Le Français à la

Authorization to place cookies

According to the amendment to Article 11.7a of the Telecommunication bill of October 2014, all cookies that are being used by Le Français à la fall under exemption for which no authorization is required.

Removal of cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies that are not strictly necessary to perform the basic functions of our site, or if one wants to delete them, please see the instructions with the Help-Function of your browser.  You can also use Ghostery, a tool that let you see which cookies are being used and how to block specific ones.

An Academy-account

If you are enrolled in one of our Academy courses, you need to log in in order to follow your progress and to find the results of your exercises and tests.  Personal data are dealt with confidentiality and your account will be deleted within 3 months after completion of the course.  This means that all data about you and your results are being deleted.  You can eventually also download certificates from the digital environment.


Le Français à la has a secure connection (https).  This means that the data between your device and the site is secure and that your data cannot be intercepted through external sites or apps.

In order to use and administrate Le Français à la Carte we have an administration account that is being secured with extra measures.

The security updates of MacOs are being performed automatically on all computers that Le Français à la Carte uses.  Updates of all the plugins are automatically installed after release.

Contact information

To find information about us, see our contact page 

Right to lodge a complaint

To lodge a complaint against the processing of your personal data, please contact us.  But you also have the right to lodge a complaint to the local data protection authority called in The Netherlands Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens at the following address: