Le Français à la Carte does not deliver a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to teaching.  Every course is different because I use your chosen environment to inspire the creation and implementation of a programme that will allow you to achieve your goals.

I tailor courses for any profession at any level (what we call in French FOS, French on Specific objectives). 

My work expertise includes the diplomatic/international and professional sectors. However, whether you require language skills for your next vacation or posting where French is the communication language, you need to prepare an important interview, negotiate contacts, understand, write and present documents related to your particular field, I can help you. 

Do you want to know more about the language courses that we offer or do you wish to receive a non-binding offer?  Please send us an email indicating your needs and level if you’re not a beginner.  If you don’t know your level, go to L’Académie and make the Level Test.


Politics, Economics, Culture, Consular Affairs…… Ideal for anyone who is interested in securing a career in the diplomatic and international sector. Le Français à la Carte has vast experience in diplomacy around the world.

The best way of immersing oneself in a language is to simulate reality. Le Français à la Carte can organise a simulation programme.   For more information, please contact us. 

Committed to sustainable development, Le Français à la Carte can design and implement a learning programme to help you work in the humanitarian sector, from your office or in the field.

Marketing, Economics, Communications, Administration…… we can design a programme that will respond to your needs.

You don’t need a reason to learn a language except for having a crush for the sound of the language, the films, the music, its culture and literature… The pleasure that you get from it and your enthusiasm for travelling are enough!

You’ve learned French some time ago and don’t want to lose it?  A conversation course can help you assimilate your acquired knowledge and practice your speaking and listening skills.

You have to give a speech at a very important meeting and you feel insecure about it; you are not sure about the chosen vocabulary; your grammar needs to be polished for this occasion, you want to write a report but you don’t know where or how to start: Le Français à la Carte knows how to help.

If you need a certificate to attest your proficiency of French for work, study or immigration purposes, we can help you pass these exams (DELF/TEF-TEFAQ) by giving you the right training.  The examinations are being taken at a certified examination centre.



With private courses you can learn at your own pace and according to your own schedule. It is also the most intensive way to immerse yourself in a language. Le Français à la Carte sets up programmes that are specifically designed to the needs of the trainee. Free of charge, these programmes are given for approval before the start of the lessons. Private courses (for one or two people) are ideal for those who are relocating or immigrating to a new country or for people who are constantly working in their second language. These courses may include a cross-cultural training component.


More personalised than group courses (from three to four trainees), these lessons give more flexibility over the content of the course. They are also ideal for people who are relocating or immigrating to a new country or for people who are constantly working in a second language environment. These courses may include a cross-cultural training component.

Group courses

For 5 to 8 people, group courses are chosen by those who like group interaction. Role playing takes an important place in the class and trainees are constantly interacting with their classmates. A very relaxed way of learning a language.