54 Reasons to Learn French.

When traveling to the Caribbean, Louisiana, along the East Coast of the United States, anywhere in Canada from the West Coast to the East Coast, Africa, Asia or Europe, you are likely to encounter Francophones.

To be Francophone means that your mother tongue or one of your mother tongues, is French. To be part of the Organisation de la Francophonie means that your country maintains a special relationship with the other members of the Francophonie.

The Francophonie is an international organisation that annually brings together 54 countries and regions from around the world. At various levels of government and in universities, issues regarding politics, economy, communication, education and culture are discussed.  

It is important to know that in addition to the English language, French is spoken on all continents. More than 300 million people speak French, with 235 million people using it daily!  

In addition, French is an official working language at international organisations such as the UN, the European Union, NATO, the European Council, The International Red Cross,- Crescent Movement, and The African Union.  French is the third most spoken business language globally and holds the fourth position as a language used on the Web.